Heightec FastClip alloy vessel transfer connector

01 Overview

Heightec FastClip vessel transfer connector alloy.

The Heightec FastClip vessel transfer connector alloy with a quick hook connector is designed to allow quick attachment and release from an anchor point. triple action lock.

Unlike traditional transfer connectors, the horizontal hook profile means that slack is not required in the system to either attach or release.

The alloy Fastclip also features a double action gate with offset operating levers for security. The indicator shows if the hook has been overloaded.

The device is a one handed operation, the gate closes and locks as soon as the hook has been attached to the anchor point or the operating lever is pressed.

When release is required the integral arm ejects te anchor point from the connectoras the operating lever is squeezed. This allows for deliberate release under a moderate load - e.g. tension from a self retracting life line or drag from moving water.

02 Key Features

Smooth profile ensures correct orientation in the anchor point to prevent cross loading.

Double action operation with offset operating levers to help prevent accidental release.

Load indicating attachment point shows if the hook has been overloaded.

Material:  Anodised aluminium
Loading: 24kN
Conformity EN 362
Weight (kg) 0.25 kg
Industries Renewables, Marine, Oil and Gas
Sizing L 140mm, W 80mm,

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