01 Overview

The Heightec Quadpod is self supporting for vertical rescue and more versatile than tripods
Robust strong box section gives a rigid durable poduct. The quadpod configuration gives better load distribution:use on soft ground and high WLL. The fourth leg of the quadpod allows it to straddle trenches. Quick fit leg pins and leg markings allow for rapid deployment.

Multiple attachment points enables multiple users and flexibility during use. e.g. for attachment of separate suspension and backup systems

Swivel attachments will self orientate connectors to correct alignment. Guying attachments gives added stabilisation. Two section legs provide compact storage

Can be used in conjunction with a wide range of Heightec rescue equipment including the Quadra multi use rope device, self tailing rope winch pulleys and Heightec Hurricane rescue hauler.

Box profile aluminium legs with steel head stock containing multiple anchor points. Strength 3000 kgs. Safe working load of 300 kgs.

Height: max 2.31m, min 1.6m
Distance between opposite feet, max 2.06m - min1.4m
Stowed: 1.75m, 0.7m circumference

Carry and storage are also available as an optional extra (B60)

02 Key Features

4 attachment points

2 swivel attachments

4 guying attachments

Head locking point for legs

Telescopic legs

Max load of 300kgs

Height: Height max 2.31m; min 1.6m
E/N Test Mass: n/a
Max Load: 300kg
Conformity: EN 795 B
Material:s Steel headstock and alloy legs
Weight: 26.0 kgs
Industries Confined Space and Rescue