Heightec Rigger’s Tower Climbing Kit – Neon

01 Overview

The Heightec Rigger's Tower Climbing Kit - Neon is a versatile combination of equipment which allows for work positioning and fall arrest.

The Kit contains: Neon full body rigger's Harness Duon Air technical safety helmet. Elite twin lanyard 1.25m Piranha adjuster for positioning or restraint 2m Durable 30L Kari 30 kit bag

02 Key Features

Neon full body riggers harness

Duon Climbers Helmet (EN12492)

Elite Twin Lanyard 1.25m

Piranha Rope Adjuster

Durable 30L Bag, – Kari 30 (WLL 18kg)

Material Various
Loading: 18kg WLL, Kit Bag
Conformity Various
Weight (kg) 11.1 kg
Industries Telecoms, Energy

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