Heightec Vector Fall Arrest Device

01 Overview

The Heightec Vector fall arrest device is a versatile, multi-functional rope device designed specifically for roof work and ladder climbing.

The Heightec VECTOR fall arrest device is designed for used on a vertical rope and for work restraint when used on level or sloping ground.

Designed to be used on 10.5-11.0 mm diameter low stretch rope the VECTOR moves up and down freely with the user, allowing a high degree of flexibility whilst working.

02 Key Features

Multi-functional – fall arrest, work positioning

Can be loaded onto the rope at any point

Moves freely up and down the vertical line

Self-locking cam

Supremely simple to use

Easy to inspect and maintain – all component parts are visable

Individually marked for traceability

Anodised aluminium and stainless steel construction

Size: 10.5mm – 11.0mm rope
EN Test Mass: 125kg
Loading: 125kg
Conformity EN353-2, EN358
Materials Anodised aluminium and stainless steel construction
Weight (kg) 0.24
Industries Roof Access, Ladder Climbing

Satisfies requirements of both EN 353-2 (vertical fall arrest) and EN358 (work positioning) standards.

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