01 Overview

The Ego evacuation chair is a great entry level evacuation chair offering great value for money and is probably the least expensive chair on the market which offers downstair evacuation using the sled runner style tracks at the rear of the chair

This evacuation chair has a long supportive seat and lap restraint. The chair is moved by simply tilting the chair back slightly prior to reaching the stairs when it is easily transitioned to the sled style runners at the rear for easy downstair movement .

02 Details


Entry level evacuation chair with new 2 wheel concept

Excellent value for money

Very slim profile when stored

Automatic brakes in on position when stored.

Comfortable and supportive seat in upright position for easy loading

Two rear wheels and two stubby legs at the front

A waist high horizontal push handbar now means that this evacuation chair becomes a transit chair as well as an excellent evacuation chair.

CAPACITY 180kg (28st.)
STAIR ANGLE 28-42 degrees
LANDING SIZE 75 x 75cm (30″ x 30″)
DIMENSIONS STORED 141 x 50 x 22 cms (56″ x 20″ x 9cm )
WEIGHT 13.5 kg