Ferno (UK) Limited have created a global range of products unrivalled in
quality and design and is a world leading innovator, manufacturer
and supplier of medical equipment to Emergency Medical Services,
Fire & Rescue Services, Hospitals and other major industries.

Ferno Paraguard Stretcher

The Ferno Paraguard stretcher is perfect for use underground, in confined spaces and high buildings. NATO approved.

Ferno Scoop EXL Stretcher

The Ferno Scoop EXL Stretcher is extensively used throughout the NHS and Ambulance Trusts. It allows the EMS personnel to scoop a patient while they are still laying in the position they fell.

Ferno Model 71 Basket Stretcher

The Ferno Model 71 Basket Stretcher is the quintessential orange plastic basket stretcher. the Model 71 basket stretcher is available as a 1 piece or 2 piece stretcher

Traverse Rescue Stretcher

The Traverse Rescue Stretcher is designed for both horizontal and vertical rescue. Ideal for confined space rescue, as it is a roll up stretcher.

Traverse Titan Stretcher

The Traverse Titan Stretcher is an incredibly strong but lightweight basket stretcher used by many search and rescue operations worldwide.

Traverse Gazelle Stretcher

The Traverse Gazelle stretcher is designed to fill the gap where a high technology stretcher is not required but robust durability is needed.

Traverse Mule Litter Wheel

The Traverse Mule Litter Wheel is designed to take any type of rigid stretcher to transport a casualty across prolonged rough ground

Ferno PXB Board

The Ferno PXB Board has been designed and developed for water rescue in swimming pools, hydro pools, leisure centres and spas.

Ferno Aquaboard

The Ferno Aquaboard has been designed and developed for water rescue in swimming pools, hydro pools, leisure centres and spas.

Ferno Pole Stretchers – Unifold and Duofold

Pole Stretchers are ideal for use in situations demanding a quick and safe evacuation of a patient. Pole stretchers are available in a choice of two sizes – 206cm and 229cms.

Ferno Sea Scoopa

The Ferno Sea Scoopa is a vital piece of equipment for scooping and lifting a Man Overboard onto rescue vessels.

Ferno Model 71 Flotation Collar

The Ferno Model 71 Floatation Collar has is a 5 piece collar for the model 71 stretcher. Provides confidence for the casualty in the water.