Traverse Gazelle Stretcher

01 Overview

The Traverse Gazelle stretcher is designed to fill the gap where a high technology stretcher is not required but robust durability is needed.

The Gazelle stretcher comes in three options - Regular, Taped and Confined Space .

The regular option allows use of any spineboard.

The tapered option gives alittle more room for manoeuvre and follows the body's tapering shape.

An all carbon-steel MIG welded frame construction. The stretcher relies on the frame geometry and construction methods and materials for its strength

Durathene netting replaces the old style chicken wire associated with original stokes style stretchers.

Three restraining straps come supplied with the stretcher

Simple lifting can be achieved with a four point bridle which can be purchased separately.

02 Key Features

The Traverse Gazelle Stretcher comes in three options – Regular, Tapered or Confined Space

The Gazelle Stretcher in the regular option can take any regular spineboard

Simple lifting manoeuvres can be achieved with a four point harness which needs to be bought separately

Comes with three restraining straps

The Gazelle stretcher is ideal for the tasks where a high tech stretcher is not required but a robust durable stretcher is needed.

Traverse Gazelle Stretcher
Length : 211 cm
Width Regular & Tapered      62 cm
Depth : 18.5 cm
Weight: 13kg
Load Limit 405 kgs