Water Rescue

Ferno Aquaboard

The Ferno Aquaboard has been designed and developed for water rescue in swimming pools, hydro pools, leisure centres and spas.

Ferno Sea Scoopa

The Ferno Sea Scoopa is a vital piece of equipment for scooping and lifting a Man Overboard onto rescue vessels.

Ferno Model 71 Flotation Collar

The Ferno Model 71 Floatation Collar has is a 5 piece collar for the model 71 stretcher. Provides confidence for the casualty in the water.

Sked Rapid Deployment Water Rescue System

The Sked Rapid Deployment Water Rescue System is pre-rigged for quick deployment into the water with the use of CO2 inflatable float logs.

Sked Flotation System SK-600-OR

The Sked Flotation Systems can only be used in conjunction with the Sked Basic Rescue System providing sufficient buoyancy to keep the persons head elevated out of the water.

Water rescue systems

Water Rescue

A range of water rescue systems and equipment specifically designed for recovery of casualties in a marine or fresh water environment. The range includes Ferno “man-overboard” recovery equipment. Sked¬† Rapid Deployment systems and flotation collars for basket stretchers

Ferno Sea Scoopa man overboard recovery
Ferno Sea Scoopa man overboard recovery