Ferno Model 71 Flotation Collar

01 Overview

The Ferno Flotation Collar has been designed for use with the Ferno Model 71 Basket Stretcher. It is a 5 piece section which provides 45lbs of buoyancy.

When a rescue is performed in water the casualty will gain confidence from seeing the flotation collar around the head end of the basket stretcher. It will help to keep the head up in the water while the feet are a little lower in the water.

The 5 piece collar can easily be removed for storage or to allow the stretcher to be use in non water borne activities.

You will need to buy a 4 point bridle for hoisting and lifting

02 Key Features

The Ferno Model 71 Flotation Collar is a 5 piece buoyancy unit which is designed for the Ferno Model 71 basket stretcher

Provides 20kgs Buoyancy

Gives the patient in the water added confidence as the head end of the stretcher is provided with added buoyancy.

Easy to remove for non water borne duties

For hoisting the basket stretcher out of the water you will require a 4 point harness.

This product is manufactured by Ferno. Sure Line is a preferred distributor for Ferno

Model 71 Basket Stretchers Technical Data


130cms    100 mm 200 mm 3 kg 20 kg/45 lbs


10 cms


20 cms





Ferno-Model-71-Basket-Stretcher-with Flotation-collar-and-headpad-and-harness