Helmets & Helmet Accessories

Heightec DUON-Air™ Vented Helmet

The Heightec DUON Air™ vented height safety helmet is a high specification helmet with dual certification, meeting both industrial and climbing standards.

Heightec DUON™ Unvented Helmet

The Heightec DUON ™ unvented helmet is designed for working at height and confined spaces Unique chinstrap setting allows it to be fully compliant in complex environments

Heightec DUON helmet visor

The Heightec Duon helmet visor provides eye protection and fits Heightec's Duon and Duon Air helmets

Helmets and Helmet Accessories.

Make sure your helmet is safe, comfortable and uncompromised. The ultimate protection from falls and falling objects, our range of Heightec Helmets for working at heights are the perfect user friendly helmet.

The differences between an industrial/construction style helmet and a working at heights helmet is the breathability, durability and fit. Our helmets are designed to offer as most protection as possible without compromising those core senses; vision and hearing.

When working at heights or in a rescue and evacuation situation, you need to be alert and able to quickly manoeuvre your head or eye line. Our helmets offer just that.

Combine our helmets with our range of Anchor Slings, Ascenders and Descenders, Pulleys, Harnesses and Carabiners for a full working at heights package.

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