01 Overview

The Ferno Aquaboard has now been discontinued and its successor is the Ferno PXB Board. Go to https://www.rescueandevacuation.co.uk/product-details/ferno-pxb-board/

However we are keeping this page live as all of the Ferno Aquaboard spare parts are still available. You should contact us should you require any of them as featured on this page.

The Ferno Aquabard has been designed and developed for water rescue in swimming pools, hydro therapy pools, leisure centres and spas.

The Aquaboard has been specially designed to allow the board to be submerged under the patient before floating up and under the person in distress.

Injured persons can be kept on the Aquaboard while x-rays are taken.

Colour coded fasteners for quick and easy securing of the patient.

Adhustable head restraint

Instructional guide for positioning on the neoprene back support.

Can also be used for salt water rescue.

02 Key Features

The Ferno Aquaboard has been developed for Water Rescue in swimming pools, spas and leisure centres

Injured patients can be kept on the Aquaboard while X-rays are taken.

Colour Coded fastenings guide the rescuers for quick and easy fastening.

Includes Instructional DVD

Ferno Aquaboard
Length  183 cms
Width  43 cms
Height 7 cms
Weight 8kg
Load Limit  182 kgs

03 Accessories Available

The Ferno Aquaboard offers a range of accessories or replacement parts

  • Aquaboard Back Support Pad
  • Aquaboard Head Restraint
  • Aquaboard Body Strap – Green Buckle / Blue Buckle / Orange Buckle/ White Buckle/ Black buckle
  • Aquaboard Strap System (Set of 5)
  • Aquaboard Strap and Support Pad Kit – Includes head and back pad plus 5 straps
  • Wall bracket for the Aquaboard
  • Aquaboard DVD user guide