Sked Flotation System SK-600-OR

01 Overview

The Sked Flotation Systems can only be used with the Sked Basic Rescue System.

The Sked Flotation Systems will hold a person up in the water in a near vertical position keeping their head elevated out of the water. They come in two options, the basic foam flotation system which provides two ethafoam logs while the inflatable system provides inflatable logs which can be inflated by mouth or CO2 capsules.

The options are the normal Sked colour options - International Rescue Orange or for the military, Camouflage Green .

The Sked Basic Rescue System comes rolled in its own cordura backpack making it easy to transport or store. The backpack measures 95 cm high and 20cm diameter, compact enough for any rescue situation.

Other options

Cobra Buckles are also available as well as standard buckles.

For military needs the Sked is available in camouflage Green. and is also one part of the Sked Complete Rescue System

All parts belonging to the Sked Basic Rescue System are available separately. In addition water rescue systems can be purchased to use in conjunction with the Sked Basic Rescue System either at time of purchase or later. These just attach simply and easily to keep the patient in a near vertical position in the water.

02 Key Features

Sked SK-600 Basic Foam Flotation System comes complete with

SK-601-OR Ballast Weight

SK-602 Inflatable Chest Pad

SK-603 Ethafoam Floats (pair)

SK-604 Extra Long Handles

SK-209 Retaining Strap

The Sked SK-600 is available in International Rescue Orange (SK-600-OR) as well as in military green

The Sked SK-600A Inflatable Flotation System comes with

SK-605 / Sk-606 CO2 Inflatable Float 5″ Diameter Logs (pair)

SK-602 Inflatable Chest Pad

SK-604 Extra Long Handles

SK-607 Empty Ballast Bag

The Sked SK-600B Hybrid Inflatable Flotation System is also available. It is the same as the SK-600A but with the 15 pound lead ballast bag in place of the empty ballast bag


Sked Flotation System SK-600 / SK-600A