01 Overview

The Ferno PXB Board has been designed and developed for water rescue in swimming pools, hydro therapy pools, leisure centres and spas.

It is the successor to the Ferno Aquaboard. Now lifeguards can perform a significantly faster but controlled shallow or deep water, deck level with just two person operation or a free board pool (not exceeding a height of 30 cms) with a recommended three person operation with reduced risk to themselves and improved safety for the casualty.

The PXB Board has many improvements - The neutral buoyancy of the board is such that a casualty can be held on the water surface without the need for any flotation devices. The restraint straps are made from durable polypropylene material incorporating an easy to operate fixation system using specially developed anti-bacterial velcro. The head blocks also contain anti bacterial additives for impressive infection control. The durable edge stitched Neoprene anti-slip mat is specifically designed for use in water and the rubberised anchor mat ensures safe and effective stabilisation of the board to the pool-side when in operation . The board underside is designed to give a firm anchor against the poolside whilst the casualty is being brought onto the board and immobilised.

02 Key Features

The Ferno PXB Board requires fewer lifeguards.

Faster and easier compared to other systems.

Provides full C-spine immobilisation

Simpler to use.

Restraint straps are colour coded for ease of use.

Reduces manual handling risks

Less training required

Easier to maintain and keep in operational condition

Ferno PXB Board
Length  200 cms
Width  40 cms
Height 4 cms
Weight 10kg
Load Limit  182 kgs

03 Accessories Available

The Ferno PXB Board offers a range of accessories or replacement parts

  • PXB Green Chest Strap
  • PXB Blue Chest Strap
  • PXB Yellow leg strap
  • PXB Black leg strap
  • PXB – Full set of replacement restraint straps
  • PXB Anchor Mat
  • PXB Neoprene board anti-slip mat
  • PXB Head blocks (2) and a head restraint strap
  • PXB replacement head restraint strap
  • PXB wall mounting bracket