Traverse Mule Litter Wheel

01 Overview

The Traverse Mule Litter Wheel is designed to accept any rigid stretcher regardless of the shape style or brand.

The mule litter wheel benefits from a Fast Ratchet Tie Down system - Locks the litter into place Uni Support Design - allows easy removal and storage of the tyre. Single wheel design - Ideal for any type of rough terrain.

The Mule Litter Wheel has been improved with the issue of handles which provide it with a support for either loading or if the trek back to a pick up point needs to be be paused. The handles also provide a better feature for the guide and momentum of the mule litter wheel and prevents hands from knocking the casualty while on route from the rescue point to the place of collection point.

The wide single wheel is immensely better than a two wheeled carrier for mountain paths single file tracks and generally uneven ground where two wheels are a problem when trying to find even ground which allows whee,s to pass over it easily Paraguard Stretcher is NATO approved (NATO 6530-99-446-9403). The Paraguard Stretcher has a fine reputation being used widely throughout the Oil and Gas, Paraguard Excel 2 Stretcher, Maritime, Construction and Mining Industries. It is used commonly by Search and Rescue operations around the world and due to its vertical hoist capability is equally successful for confined space rescue.

Constructed from quality synthetic materials, stainless steal and aluminium the Paraguard Stretcher is impervious to oil, water, grease and other petroleum products and is resistant to rot and corrosion.

Quick and simple to use the Paraguard Stretcher has colour coded straps to secure the chest arms thighs and lower legs. The head is held in place by a three point non-slip forehead strap while a figure of eight straps support the feet.

02 Key Features

All terrain single wheel design allows for ease of movement across rough terrain.

Travels easily over ruts, tree roots, rocks, snow and slopes.

Two securing straps (2 hooks per strap) are rated to 4500kg.

The unique uni-support design allos for the wheel to be quickly and easily removed for more compact storage and transport.

New improved handles with 8 positions for greater user flexibility

Handles lock in down position allowing the mule and litter to stand free of the operators or rescue team.

Traverse Titan Stretcher
Length : 244 cms
Width: 70 cms
Height 47 cms
Weight: 21.0 kg
Load Rating 179 kgs
Mule-Litter-Wheel-without stretcher