Ferno Scoop EXL Stretcher

01 Overview

The Ferno Scoop EXL stretcher is extensively used throughout the NHS and Ambulance Trusts. It allows the EMS personnel to scoop a patient while they are still laying in the position they fell. The Scoop can be separated at one or both ends to allow the stretcher to be manoeuvred into position before connecting the two halves together again. The Scoop is X-ray translucent.

The Scoop EXL can be adjusted in length dependent upon the persons height. It also can be folded in half for compact storage and transportation.

The Yellow plastic wings of the Scoop EXL are impervious to fluids and are easy to clean

02 Key Features

Uncouples at both ends of the stretcher to gently scoop up the patient or uncouple at one end only to use a scissor-type closing motion.

Body shaped profile and angled handles provide ergonomic ease of use

Twin Safety Lock mechanism provides smooth locking and unlocking.

Head Section is recessed for proper cervical alignment.

The easy to clean surface is impervious to fluids

X-ray translucent.

Folds in two for compact storage

The model we supply is the Scoop 65EXL yellow (in colour) with pins for the 4 Biosafe restraining straps with speedclips. (part no. 00108002-R/Bio)

The combi head immobiliser specially shaped to compliment the scoop stretcher is often bought with the Scoop

Scoop EXL Technical Data

Max Length

201 cm

Min Length


Folded Length






Load Capacity