Ferno Pole Stretchers – Unifold and Duofold

01 Overview

Ferno Pole Stretchers – Unifold and Duofold pole stretchers are ideal for use in situations demanding a quick and safe evacuation of a patient. Pole stretchers are available in a choice of two sizes – 206cm and 229cms.

02 Key Features

Poles constructed from lightweight Aluminium to enhance easy lifting.

Spreader bars provide additional support.

The orange vinyl fabric is impervious to stains and mildew for eay care and maintenance.

Stirrup feet provide ground clearance, keeping the casualty off the ground.

Non slip plastic carrying handles.

Carrying bags are available to fit each option.

This product is manufactured by Ferno. Sure Line is a preferred distributor for Ferno

Pole Stretchers Technical Data


Unifold: 206cm (overall)
Duo-fold: 206cm (overall) / 103cm (folded)


Both: 55cm


Unifold: 5kg / Duo-fold: 6kg

Load Capacity

Both: 159kg

03 Product Variations

Duo-fold Stretcher

Folds in length and width to a compact size. A combination of collapsible spreader bars and low profile hinges on the stretcher poles permit easy and quick deployment.

Uni-fold Stretcher

Collapsible spreader bars allows the stretcher to fold in width to a slim shape for storage.