Traverse Rescue Stretcher

01 Overview

The Traverse Rescue Stretcher is designed for both Horizontal and Vertical Rescue.

It is a roll up stretcher which means that it can be stored or transported easily.

It is ideal for confined space rescue.

Colour coded head straps. padded groin and feet straps

Comes complete with backpack storage bag.

Maximum work load 350kg horizontal and 250kg vertical

Comes with 6 horizontal restraining straps

02 Key Features

The Traverse Rescue Stretcher is designed for Vertical and horizontal Rescues

Ideal for confined space.

Colour coded straps

Comes complete with storage bag

Maximum work load: Horizontal – 350 kgs; Vertical – 250 kgs

A 4 point harness will be necessary which needs to be purchased separately

Traverse Rescue Stretcher
Length : 202 cm
Width: 84cm
Weight 8 kgs
Load Rating (Horizontal)                        350 kgs
Load Rating (Vertical) 250 kgs

03 Accessories Available

For lifting (both horizontally and vertically) you will need a 4 point harness