01 Overview

The Traverse Titan Stretcher is used by search and rescue teams around the world.

It comes in a choice of either stainless steel or titanium. The titanium option provides incredible strength with a really lightweight stretcher.

The Titan stretcher is offered in regular, tapered or extra wide

It is also offered as a one piece or two piece where the two parts can sit one inside the other - better for storage and transport.

All Titan stretchers now come with the Stratload feature. This is where a secure attachment point is located just inside the structure of the stretcher allowing the harness to be attached on the inner side and thus preventing it from chafing or snagging against rough surfaces during the lift.

Replacable durathene netting features in place of the old style chicken wire

One inch top rail is easy to hold on to especially during long treks to the rescue site.

UHMW-PE back support replaces the old style wooden back support.

Tested to and beyond an 1134kg static load test threshold

02 Key Features

The Traverse Titan Stretcher comes in either Titanium or stainless steel

The Traverse Titan Stretcher comes in three options – Regular, Tapered or Extra Wide

It is offered either as a 1 piece or 2 piece stretcher

The Titan Stretcher is based on the old style Stokes Stretcher but is significantly more refined now than its predecessor.

All Titan Stretchers are now offered with the Stratload feature as standard. Stratload is where the harness connection is made on the inside of the stretcher frame to stop it rubbing against any walls or rough surfaces during lifting or lowering

Traverse Titan Stretcher
Length : 211cm
Width: 58cm
Depth (folded in valise): 18.41cm
Weight: 6.3kg
Load Rating 11kN or 2500lbs

03 Accessories Available

The Traverse Titan Stretcher can be used with the aid of a flotation collar for water rescue.

For lifting (both horizontally and vertically) you will need a 4 point harness