01 Overview

The Heightec Basic Lifting Kit is a complete lifting kit.

The simple Heightec Basic Lifting Kit is designed to lift small to medium size loads and is ideally suited to the renewables construction and telecoms industries

The basic lifting kit contains the following specialist products.

Cyclone alloy hauling pulley

Alloy rescue pulley

Kari Transport bag

11mm diameter rope with sewn terminations

Double locking large hook

2 x 60 cm protected sling

2 x Contract screwgate steel oval carabiners

Not certified for lifting persons

02 Key Features

Stainless steel locking pulley device

Additional lifting or deviation pulley

Durable and corrosion resistant

Ideal for offshore

Protected sling

Containment Bag

Loading: 100kg SWL
Conformity Various
Weight (kg) 10.0 kg
Industries Renewables, Construction,  Telecoms
Sizing 25, 50 or 100m

03 Options