Heightec Compact Basic Ascender – X-Cam

01 Overview

Heightec Compact Basic Ascender - X-Cam is a new basic ascender design which gives a considerable increase in performance over traditional sharp tooth designs

When tested on Tectra 11mm low stretch rope, X-Cam ascenders were found to be 25% stronger than their most popular sharp toothed competitor with average breaking loads up to 675kg

The greatest increase in performance was found if the sheath of the rope had ruptured. X-cams will hold up to 200kg on the broken sheath and rope cores.

Heightec X-cam significantly reduces the possibility of system failure by exerting a considerable hold on the rope after the sheath has broken.

02 Key Features

Heightec Compact Basic Ascender – X-Cam

  • Small compact size
  • One attachment point for versatility
  • Two lower attachment points to separate lanyard and footloop
  • Ideal as spare ascender or use in hauling and rescue systems

Conforms to: EN567, EN12841B


Material: Alloy body, steel cam
Loading: 125kg
Weight: 170g
Rope dia: Rope diameter: 9 to 13mm