Heightec Core Single Lanyard 1.75m – Scaffold Hook

01 Overview

ELITE Core Single lanyard 1.75m, Scaffolding Hook.

Single Lanyard 1.75 from the Heightec Core range
All Heightec's energy absorbing, fall arrest lanyards have been additionally tested with 125kg, 25% above the EN standards.

Lanyard arm made from UV stabilised 11mm Tectra rope providing superb abrasion resistance.

The sewn terminations havea 22kN scaffolding hook.

Energy absorber sized in accordance with lanyard length and comes with 10mm screwlink for attachment to harness.

Unique serial ID number allows easy management of equipment.

02 Key Features

Protective PVC Tube

Kernmantle Rope

28kN scaffolding hook

Unique serial ID number

Material: Polyester/Polyamide webbing. Steel and alloy
EN Test Mass: 100kg
Loading: Additionally tested with 125kg
Conformity EN 354, EN 355, EN362
Weight (kg) 1.0 kg
Industries Renewables, Construction, Telecoms, Energy
Sizing 1.75m

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