Heightec Flexor Elasticated twin lanyard – triple action carabiner, twistlock 1.75m

01 Overview

The Heightec Flexor Twin lanyard - triple action karabiner twistlock 1.75m

The Heightec Flexor energy absorbing twin lanyard - triple action carabiner with twistlock 1.75m is a high load rated energy absorbing twin lanyard with elasticated lanyard legs for reduced stowage and leg length.

The Flexor Lanyard allows continuous connection to a ladder or structure when climbing masts or towers without the risk of entanglement. The retracted length when not under load , reduces snag risk, improving safety and enabling longer lanyards to be used.

The elasticated lanyard section will reduce to a third of its length and is fitted with triple action harness connector and two twistlock anchorage connectors.. The large central ring provides a parking point for unused leg and prevents issues caused by 3 way loading.

Absorber will not deploy at forces less than 200kg. Minimum strength after deployment is 1500kg. The energy absorber has a durable cover which can be peeled back to allow absorber inspection.

Dimensions: Retracted Length 100 cms Extended Length 175cms

Unique Sertial ID allows easy management of equipment

Approved for users up to 140kgs

Compatible with specific rope grabs for rescue.

02 Key Features

High stress Flexor elasticated legs reduces stowage length

Durable Construction

Large central stowage ring

Unique serial ID

High Load Rating

Material: Polyester, Polyamide webbing, alloy connectors
EN Test Mass: 100kg
Loading: Additionally tested 140kg Fall factor 2
Conformity EN 354:2010, EN 355:2002, EN 362:2004
Weight (kg) 1.05 kg
Industries Renewables, Telecoms, Energy
Sizing 1.75m

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