Heightec Hurricane rope grab with pulley alloy

01 Overview

The Heightec Hurricane Rope Grab with pulley alloy

The Heightec hurricane rope grab is a unique patented casualty recovery hauling device

Constructed of lightweight alloy with the Heightec trade mark "X-Cam", designed specifically for industrial or professional use and offers immediate purchase on the rope whilst minimising the potential for rope damage.

The X-Cam will continue to hold over 100kg on a rope even in the extreme event of a rope sheath being ruptured.

The simplicity and compactness of the Hurricane compared with other traditional systems is a major advantage in allowing non-experts to achieve the lifting of a suspended casualty. It is the only product to allow intuitive assembly of such a system.

As the device can be attached at any point along the rope, the lifting system can be remote from the casualty, reducing the amount of rope required by around 70%.

The Hurricane rope grab received an award by the British Safety Industry Federation.

The Hurricane Rope Grab is an integral part of the Rescue Pack (WK32) and the Rescue Pro Pack (WK35) casualty recovery systems.

X-Cam design gives increased performance over traditional sharp tooth design - Cam exerts considerable grip on the rope after sheath has broken - Cam doesn't pluck the rope - Easy to remove from rope if accidentally jammed into a knot.

02 Key Features

X-Cam advanced tooth design

X-cam superior geometry

Profile attachment points and slimline design

Ergonomic, low profile high release catch

Detachable from the harness

Self locking pulley catch with simplified operation

Carabiner attachment point near Cam – can be used to reset pulley systems

Low profile attachment point for tool tether.

High strength and durable construction

Individual serial number

Sizing: For 10.5-11 mm rope
Loading: 2kN WLL in normal use
Conformity EN 12841 B and EN12278
Materials Alloy body stainless steelCam, nylon wheel
Weight (kg) 0.33kg
Industries Emergency Services, SAR