01 Overview

The Heightec nylon sling

The sleeve is sewn at one end.

The sleeve of the proteceted sewn nylon sleeve gives extra abrasion resistance. The sleeve can be quickly slid back for easy inspection.

Individual ID numbers for identification and tracking of individual slings.

The colour yellow ensures high visibility in all conditions

Available in 30cm, 60cm, 120cm and 240cm lengths

02 Heightec Nylon Sling Key Features

Available in 30cm, 60cm, 120cm, 240cm lengths

Can be used end to end or wrapped around a strop

Individually marked for identification

Size: 30cm
EN Mass test: 25kN
Conformity  EN795(B), EN354, EN566
Materials Nylon
Weight  0.12 kg
Industries Renewables, Construction, Events, Oil and Gas, Telecoms, Energy