Heightec Piranha Adjustable Lanyard replacement rope – 2m scaffolding hook

01 Overview

Heightec Piranha Adjustable Lanyard replacement rope - 2m with scaffolding hook can be fitted by the user in minutes and requires only a screwdriver..

Changeable rope lengths available up to 5m for roofs and sloping situations when fitted to the Piranah adjuster device.

Piranha adjustable lanyard includes 3m x 11mm diameter UV stabilised high strength Tectra rope complete with abrasion protection, sewn terminations and twist lock termination.

The Piranha adjustable lanyard also features a protection sleeve which protects the rope against sharp edges and contamination.

Available in 2 meter rope length.

02 Key Features

Protective Sleeve

Adhesive heat shrink

Scaffolding Hook

Material Polyamide rope lanyard, plus connector
Loading: 140kg
Conformity EN 358,
Weight (kg) 0.9 kg
Industries Construction, Telecoms, Energy, Rope Access
Sizing 2 meters length available

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