Heightec Pulsar X-Cam handled Ascender right

01 Overview

Heightec Pulsar X-Cam handled Ascender right

When tested on Tectra low stretch rope, these handled ascenders were found to be 25% stronger than their most popular sharp toothed competitor.

The greatest increase in performance is found if the ascender continues to be loaded after the sheath of the rope has ruptured. In this case X-Cams will hold up to 200kg on the broken sheath and rope cores. Heightec X-Cam ascenders therefore significantly reduce the possibility of complete system failure

X-Cam has a more advanced tooth design than traditional cams and is more suitable for industrial applications as it does not pluck the rope so reducing the rate of wear on the rope.

It maintains a high degree of grip- even on old or dirt rope.

The handle design is ergonomically positioned and profiled for optimum pulling and greater comfort to the user

Contains high strength alloy with stainless steel friction surfaces.

Two attachment points allow cowstail and footloop to be connected separately which eliminates the need to open a loaded Carabiner.

02 Key Features

The Heightec Pulsar X-Cam handled Ascender right benefits from:

  • X-Cam advanced Tooth design
  • X-cam superior geometry
  • Ergonomic handle position and profile
  • Two attachment points.
  • High Strength and durable construction
  • Individual serial number

Conforms to: EN567, EN12841B


Material: Alloy body, steel cam
Loading: 125kg
Weight: 220g
Rope dia: Rope diameter: 8 to 13mm