Heightec RescuePack – Fall Arrest Rescue System

01 Overview

The Heightec RescuePack - Fall arrest rescue system is the most simple and versatile, award winning, self contained, dedicated fall arrest rescue system available. designed to recover a suspended person from almost any fall protection system by lowering or lifting.

The Rescuepack delivers a mechanical advantage for lifting of around 3:1 by the use of the stainless steel Hurricane rope device. The Hurricane can pay out rope but lock when a load is applied. The hook can attach to a D ring or harness shoulder strap if needed.

The Telescopic pole can extend for up to 3.5m to reach a casualty on an extended energy absorbing lanyard. The modified scaffold hook features a smooth modified gate profile to prevent snagging and ensures correct attachment to the casualty.

The fall arrest rescue system can be used in very constricted space and does not need anchor points to be placed in specific positions. The Heightec RescuePack contents include: Hurricane Pulley mechanism Quadra rescue life lining and back up device Rescue reach pole Non release Hook Anchor Sling Protected Connectors Rescue Shears Rope 25m or 50m Kari 50 Transport Bag

Available in two lengths 25m and 50m

02 Key Features

Does not require the rescuer to be part of the system.

Able to raise a casualty over an edge or handrail

Requires only one quarter of the rope top be used by competing designs

Comes with a Kari 50 Transport Bag WLL 18kg

Telescopic pole can reach to a length of 3.5m

Material Various
Sizing 25 or 50 meters
Loading: Ego – 200kg maximum load
Conformity Various
Weight (kg) 7.2 kg
Industries Telecoms, Emergency Services