Heightec Rotor Tower Crane Rescue System

01 Overview

The Heightec Tower Crane Rescue System is designed to rescue a fallen person or casualty at high elevation who is unable to help themselves.to be used by trained persons to perform snatch and pick off rescues when a person has fallen or has become unable to help themselves

The Rotor tower crane rescue system is compact and easy to use supplied in the easy to carry Kari 50 bag
>br> For recovery of a casualty from a tower crane cab, jib or ladder by lifting or lowering.

The system is specially designed to allow automatic self evacuation, giving limited maximum descent speeds.

The Heightec Rotor Tower Crane Rescue System contents include: Rotor Descender Delta Casualty Harness Extendable Telescopic Rescue reach Pole 3.5m Single Stainless Steel Pulley Protected Slings Kari Bag 50 transport bag

Available in two lengths 50m and 100m

02 Key Features

High Specification Rotor rescue device, internal waterproof mechanism, loading indicator.

Allows a range of lifting and lowering rescue operations

Specially packaged for tower crane use.

Complies with requirements of the Constructon Plant Association

Includes a tagline for guiding the casualty to a safe landing point.

Compact casualty harness – one size fits all.

Sizing 50 or 100 meters
Material Various
Conformity Various
Weight (kg)  19.0kg
Industries Construction, Marine, Oil and Gas, Energy