Heightec Rotor WTG Rescue System

01 Overview

The Heightec RescuePack WTG Rescue System is for self-evacuation or recovery of a casualty from tall structures including wind turbines.

The rescuePack WTG rescue system is fully rated for a 2 person descent and sealed in a barrel for corrosion resistance meaning it can be safely stored on site

At the centre of this wind turbine rescue system is the Rotor rescue and evacuation descender, an intuitive device which allows self evacuation automatically limited maximum descent speed or controlled lowering or raising of a casualty. The Rotor can control rope speed in either direction meaning that repeated descents can be carried out in quick succession.

The Rotor can also lift in either direction using the ratchet handle supplied. With thye locking mechanism engaged the load is held if the handle is released. The Rotor can change from lif to lower or vice versa at any point whilest under load.

The RescuePack WTG also includes the edge protecto which is constructed of durable stainless steel.

The rescue system is supplied in a robust protective case.

02 Components

Rotor descender roped and including ratchet handle

Compact ascender

Pulley 5cm

Anchor Strops, 7mm steel 1m

Sling, nylon protected 60 cms


Stainless Steel Edge Protector

Protective Storage barrel

Size and Weights
Length Weight
50m 11.6kg
60m 12.3kg
100m 15.1kg
High Rated Load with long descent distance
Load Max . Descent Distance            Descent Speed
140kg 4500m                                           0.7 m/s
200kg 500m                                              1.0 m/s
250kg 220m                                              1.7m/s