01 Overview

The Sync removable chest Ascender offers the security and performance of a sewn in ascender. The Sync offers all the advantages of an integrated ascender but with the flexibility of being able to be removed when required.

Compatible with Extol or Eclipse/Corona harnesses

02 Key Features

  • The first fully removable chest ascender which offers the performance and security of a sewn in design.
  • The Sync chest ascender sits tightly against the chest section for efficient ascending and comfort.
  • Can be removed from the harness quickly for replacement wothout the need for tools.
  • Innovative attachment points secure the ascender and reduces movement to an absolute minimum for optimum comfort and efficiency.
  • Unique attachment method slots directly onto harness webbing, no extra connectors are required. The harness can be open and closed as normal with a screwlink  / carabiner.

N.B Integrates with the EXTOL, CORONA and SOLAR to perform as part of the harness

Material: Anodized aluminium
Colour: Left Handed Black, Right Handed Grey
Weight: 400g
Rope dia: Rope diameter: 10 to 13mm

Conforms to: EN567