Heightec Twist Chest Ascender

01 Overview

The Heightec Twist chest ascender has profiled attachment points and slimline design to ensure the Twist ascender sits flat against the chest of the user.

The ergonomic catch allows single handed operation.

Detach-ability gives greater flexibility of use and economic replacement option.

The materials used in construction have been selected to provide high strength and durability needed for industrial applications.

Every Twist comes with a unique identity number while all parts are visible for easy inspection.

Twist chest ascender rope access device with X-cam design which can be used with combination harness or with separate sit and harness.

X-Cam has a more advanced tooth design than traditional cams and is more suitable for industrial applications as it does not pluck the rope so minimising rope wear.

02 Key Features

Heightec Twist Chest Ascender benefits from:

  • X-Cam advanced Tooth design
  • X-cam superior geometry
  • Profiled attachment points and slimline design
  • Ergonomic low profile release catch
  • Detachable from the harness
  • High Strength and durable construction
  • Individual serial number

Conforms to: EN567, EN12841B


Material: Alloy body, steel cam
Loading: 125kg
Weight: 160g
Rope dia: Rope diameter: 10 to 13mm