Heightec Vantage 5 : 1 Locking Casualty Pulley

01 Overview

The Heightec Vantage 5 : 1 locking casualty pulley

The Heightec Vantage 5 :1 locking casualty pulley is for transferring a casualty onto a rescue system without cutting connections.

The pulley is extremely simple and intuitive to operate and offers a strong, light, tangle free method of lifting a casualty.

The cam automatically locks allowing simple and safe rescue procedures to be carried out.

The Vantage offers a 5 : 1 mechanical advantage if rigged (tail end is attached at the load being lifted).

The woven sheath material is flexible yet highly compressible which prevents snagging and tangling between cord and pulleys, unlike similar products using mesh.

The sheath also provides cut and abrasion resistance.

All components of the Vantage 5 : 1 locking casualty pulley are approved as PPE. Functions as a secure single attachment, so there is no need for an additional rated connection.

Automatic locking allows efficient progress capture during rescue. The cam does not lock open, removing the risk of accidentally releasing the load.

8mm rope gives good fgrip for hauling. 1.5 m length allows full arms length reach without excessive slack.

The Vantage can be used in a Towerpack rescue system. 5 : 1 mechanical advantage enables the rescuer to easily off-weight a casualty onto a rescue system.

02 Key Features

Heightec 5 : 1 Locking Casualty Pulley

5 : 1 Mechanical advantage

Cut resistant sheath

Cam locks automatically

8 mm cord

Sizing: 1.5m and 5m
Loading: 100kg SWL
Conformity EN567, EN12278, EN564
Materials Alloy, Stainless Steel and nylon
Weight (kg) 0.65kg
Industries Renewables, Telecoms, Energy, Emergency Services