01 Overview

SAR High Access Rescue Kit
The SAR High Access Rescue Kit uses the SAR A-B auto brake descender in the system. The system is pre-threaded within a rope bag as required by EN341.

This system can be used as an escape /self rescue procedure, to rescue an injured person in a two man load. It can also be used as a pick off system, lifting a casualty from their lanyard rope or sling.

The High Access rescue kit can come with either 25m or 50m of rope.

It is strongly recommend that the user is trained in the correct use of this equipment.

02 Key Features

The SAR High Access Rescue Kit contains:

Rope length of 25m or 50m

Small rescue rope bag

A-B Decenders

3 x Steel Carabiners

1 x 20cm Twin eye sling

3 x Steel Carabiners1 x 240cm25mm round superweb sling

Safety knife and pouch

2 x heavy duty rope / sling protectors

Product Codes

  • 25 Meter Kit: RS020A
  • 50 Meter Kit: RS025A
  • Additional Pick off Equipment RS029

You can also add the equipment below to the high access rescue kit to turn it into a pick off rescue kit.

  • Extension pole
  • Rocker
  • 1 x 120cm round sling
  • 2 x Carabiners
  • 2 x Standard pulleys

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SAR Pick Off Rescue Kit