ISC Aluminium Wizard Carabiner KH218

01 Overview

The "Wizard" range represents the strongest carabiners ISC manufacture in both Steel & Aluminium, with minimum breaking strengths (MBS) ranging from 40kN to 70kN. The Aluminium Wizard is a high strength, light-weight carabiner. Its shape is designed to bias the load towards the spine– the strongest part of the carabiner.

02 Key Features

ISC Aluminium Carabiners have colour-coded Barrels/Ferrules for quick, easy identification


(MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength:
40kN (8992lbf)
Gate opening gap *: 29mm (1  1/8 inches)
Body material: Aluminium
Finish: Anodised
Weight: 113g (4oz)
Standards: EN362:04b
* Gate opening measurements are approximate