01 Overview

The ISC Mini HMS Carabiner KH221 features a newly designed narrower spine, allowing for full rotation when connected to other elements in a system. The Offset Oval has a blind (anti-snag) nose.

Unlike a true oval (which shares load equally), the KH221 is shaped to bias the load towards the spine - the strongest part of the carabiner.

ISC Performance Carabiners are forged for best build quality. The Barrels have been designed with a square cut notch to limit debris build up.

02 Key Features

ISC Aluminium Carabiners have colour-coded Barrels/Ferrules for quick, easy identification


(MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength:
27kN (6070lbf)
Gate opening gap *: 19mm (3/4 inches)
Body material: Aluminium
Finish: Anodised
Weight: 98g (3.5oz)
Standards: EN362:2004
* Gate opening measurements are approximate


ISC Carabiners

ISC Mini HMS Carabiner KH214