Heightec Kari 5 transport bag, 5L, WLL 5kg

01 Overview

Personal Kit and Tool Bag for attaching to harness belt, 5kg WLL
Design and construction ensures a long working life even in harsh or aggressive environments.

Waterproof when the top is rolled down with 3 turns and the side straps are closed. Tested to the requirements of IPX7 - the contents will stay dry of the bag is accidentally submerged under water.

2-D rings either side of each closing buckle allow the bag to be "locked" with a cable tie or tamper evident tag.

Rated with WLL and 7:1 factor of safety, WLL includes any items attached to the tool loops or daisy chains. Tool tether rating includes allowances for the higher load generated with a falling tool e.g. 5kg can be suspended from the daisy chain or a 0.5kg tool can be dropped 2m onto it.

Attachment D-rings are large enough to accommodate a karabiner so that the bag can be attached to the harness via gear loops or directly around the belt.

Rolling the top of the bag down by 1 turn hold it open to allow easy access when working.

02 Key Features

Welded seams for increased strength

Double thickness base for increased durability

Waterproof construction

Meets requirements of IPX7 (accidental submersion in water)

Lockable for issuing personal or rescue equipment

Rated for lifting up to 5kg

Factor of safety 7:1

External daisy chain for extra storage (rated 5kg)

Daisy chain rated for tool lanyards 0.5kg x 2m

Marked with WLL & unique ID number for control as lifting equipment.

2-D rings for attachment harness.

Size: 5L
E/N Test Mass: Non PPE
Loading: 5kg WLL
Conformity: Non PPE
Materials: PVC, Nylon
Weight (kg): 0.40
Industries All work at height markets