Oregon Spine Splint II SK-300-OR

01 Overview

Choice of the U.S. Army, this spinal immobilisation/extrication device is the only device of it’s type that meets all of the established criteria for immobilising a seated patient. An ideal companion for the Sked® Stretcher System, when properly used the OSS II provides for safe removal of patients from injury sites without doing further damage to the spine. The unique criss-crossing shoulder strap design provides superior immobilisation without restricting breathing and, for clavical fractures, can be re-configured to retract and immobilise the shoulders. The OSS II is designed to provide easy access to the patient’s chest or abdominal area for treatment or diagnostic procedures. It can be used in place of a conventional short backboard and as a hip or leg splint. The OSS II includes a shoulder board not found in similar devices, which can be used to prevent compression of the shoulders when using a flexible stretcher.

The OSS II folds into an extremely small package and slips inside a rolled-up Sked® Stretcher in its backpack bag, adding no volume to the Sked Rescue System package. When used with the Sked® Stretcher the OSS II ensures critical spinal rigidity during transport, whether carried or lifted. Available in International Orange or Coyote Brown with matching colour carrying case.

02 Key Features

Comes complete with

SK-300-OR The main immobilisation waistcoat

SK-301 Collar Strap

SK-302 Forehead restraint

SK-302A Dispos-a-Pads

SK-303 Shoulder Board

SK-304 Head Pads

SK-305 Carrying Case

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Oregon Spine Splint II