01 Overview

SAR 10.5mm SPT Rope

SAR 10.5mm SPT Rope (Single Pattern Technology Rope) is lighter than any of the other SAR 11mm ropes while still maintaining an high strength rating - static strength: 30kN.

The 64 strand mantle braid makes this an extremely comfortable rope to handle, whilst giving the resistance and abrasion protection expected from all of SAR ropes.

02 Key Features

Static Strength 30kN

Static Strength Fig 8: 17kN

Elongation : 5%

Material Polyamide Core / Polyamide Sheath

Outer plait (sheath): 32,  Outer braids: 64, Inner Core 16

Standard length up to 200m -Up to 700m on request.

Conforms to EN1891-A:1998


SAR Rope

10.5mm SPT rope