SAR 11mm High Visibility Reflective Rope

01 Overview

SAR 11mm High Visibility Reflective Rope

SAR 11mm High Visibility Reflective Rope was developed for rope access, confined space and technical rescue teams who operate at night time or operate in poor light conditions.

SAR's HVR rope has a reflective strand running through the sheath which shines out when a light is directed towards it.

Available in hi-vis yellow or Hi-vis orange this 11mm low stretch rope is perfect for line identification in twin rope systems.

The extremely visible colouring also makes the HVR ideal for normal light conditions where the user's vision may be impaired by PPE, for example chainsaw or de-vegetation operations.

Note: The reflective strand is not load bearing and does not affect the strength of the rope. The reflectiveness may be affected by wear in areas of high abrasion.

02 Key Features

Material Polyamide Core / Polyester Sheath

Static Strength 35kN

Static Strength Fig 8: 20kN

Static Strength Fig 10: 22kN

Weight: 82 gms per meter

Outer plait (sheath): 16,  Outer braids:32

Elongation : 2.5%


Conforms to EN1891-A:1998


  • 11mm High Visibility Yellow
  • 11mm High Visibility Orange

SAR Rope

11mm High Visibility Reflective rope