SAR 11mm Low Stretch Rope

01 Overview

SAR 11mm Low Stretch Rope

SAR 11mm Low stretch rope is ideal for many applications, due to its high strength and low weight.

The high twist 32 strand mantle braid gives high resistance to dirt, good grip and abrasion protection.

02 Key Features

Static Strength 32kN

  • Static Strength Fig 8 knot: 18kN
  • Static Strength Fig 10 knot: 22kN

Elongation : 5%

Outer plait (sheath): 16,  Outer braids: 32, Inner Core 14

Material Polyamide Core / Polyamide Sheath

Standard length up to 200m -Up to 700m on request.

Weight 75 gms per meter

Conforms to EN1891-A

Available Colours:

  • White with Red fleck
  • Red with black fleck
  • Red
  • Blue


SAR Rope

SAR 11mm Low Stretch Rope