01 Overview

SAR A-B Descender
The SAR A-B Descender is designed for industrial rope access, technical rescue and intervention. It has a rated maximum of 300kg - suitable for 2 persons and kit

The handle can be used in squeeze to go mode, or can be flipped down for extra leverage and more precision. The handle is spring loaded to return to the storage default position when not in use.

The SAR A-B descender features a PGB (Panic Grab Brake) which may be disengaged if the user requires a fast descent - e.g. intervention.

The A_B conforms to EN12841C as a stand alone rope adjustment device (descender). It also conforms yo EN341B (descenders for rescue), which is for use as part of a system and must eb used with the type of rope with which it was tested.

02 Key Features

Max Load :  300kg

Rope:  10.5mm to 12.5mm kernmantle

Min. static slip: 4.5kN on 10.5mm  x 22 plait rope

Alloy plates with stainless steel fittings and cam

Weight: 442gms

Conforms to EN341-B:2011  & EN12841-C:2006

Product Code

Gold A-B:   RA002

Black A-B:  RA002B

Sample Tests

  • Min Static Slip: 4.5kN  10.5mm x 22plait
  • Route 44 Singing rock, 5.5kN 24 plait SAR, 8kN 12.5mm x 20 plait Cousin
  • Dynamic impact and slip resistance 100kg FF1-1M: 10.5mm =5.1kN & 51cm 6.2kN & 26cm, 12.5mm = 7kN & 15cm


SAR A-B Descender