01 Overview

SAR AAK Tool Holster
The SAR AAK Tool Holster is made of high quality PVC, polyester webbing and Cordura.

Designed for easy access when in use, the pocket cover rolls up and clips in place for easy access.

The holster features an internal pocket for small tools as well as internal gear loops for storing tools neatly.

02 Key Features

High quality PVC and polyester webbing

Velcro Pocket that rolls up out of the way when in use

Separate internal pocket and internal gear loops for tool lanyards

4 eyelets for connecting to a harness.

Size – 33cms high by 25cm diameter with a 150mm top opening that tapers down to the bottom

Weight: 450 gms

Max Rated Load: 2kgs

Unique serial number and date of manufacture

Bags and Accessories

SAR AAK Tool Holster