SAR Adjustable Rope Lanyard

01 Overview

SAR Adjustable Rope lanyard

The SAR Adjustable Rope Lanyard is ideal for work positioning and work restraint while it also passes the higher EN standard EN354 (requiring 22KN strength).

It is made with a galvanised steel buckle with a tensile strength of 22kN, the high twist 32 strand mantle braid provides high abrasion protection, better grip and high dirt resistance

02 Key Features

Lanyard Strength : 22kN

Nylon 11mm low stretch rope

Length variations available on request

Note: These lanyards must not be used for fall arrest. Lanyards complying to EN354 must be used in conjunction with an energy absorber complying to EN355 for fall arrest and not to exceed 2m in length.


Conforms to: EN354:2010 & EN358:1999

Product Codes

  • 1m Lanyard: L0018100
  • 1.5m Lanyard: L0018150
  • 2m Lanyard: L0018200

Colour Choices

  • White and Red
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Red and Black
  • Black