01 Overview

SAR Bungee Ankle Harness
The SAR Bungee Ankle Harness is a proven and tested pattern. The harness has been re-modeled and enhanced by utilising modern materials.

As there is no European standard for this type of harness, SAR have fully tested it to a static load, which is higher than the 15kN that is required for other products. However as this is a restraint harness only, SAR strongly recommend that it is backed up to a harness that is fully compliant to the standards within the country where it is being used, (e.g EN361).

02 Key Features

Static Strength 25kN

SAR-ABS buckle system

Magnetic webbing tidies

High grade polyester webbing

Close cell laminated foam ankle pads

Large range of adjustment

Weight 390gms

There is no European standard for this type of restraint.

SAR Harnesses

SAR Bungee Ankle Harness