SAR Casualty Pulley System

01 Overview

SAR Casualty Pulley System
The SAR Casualty Pulley System faetures small marine grade pulleys and 6mm prussic cord and is used to lift casualties onto stretchers or transfer from safety lines, slings or ropes to the rescue system

The system has a 6:1 mechanical advantage ratio and when tested with the cord and positioned in its locking cleat held at 9kN.

It is both neat and compact and comes as shown with compact ascender and carabiner fitted with its own storage pouch.

02 Key Features

W.L.L. 150kg – (safety factor 6:1)

Pulley Working Ratio  6:1

Max Working length from the casualty : 2m

Fits onto harness waist belt and comes with its own waist strap

Variations in length on request

Weight 812 gms

Pouch Size 20 x 16 x 7 cms


SAR Casualty Pulley System