01 Overview

SAR Dog Harness
The SAR Dog Harness is a well tested and proven design with updated materials which is very popular with search and rescue dogs and their handlers.

The harness comes in two sections for ease of fitting and flexibility of use for the dog with both sections with both sections being fully adjustable.

The front body harness has a padded chest for comfort and agility, with separate detachable leg loops for additional safety and security for the dog.

The harness can be winched from the main attachment point with or without the leg loops dependent upon the size and weight of the dog.

02 Key Features

Chest Pad (removable 6mm laminated closed cell foam

25mm and 45mm high quality polyester webbing

Elastic retaining loops for stick light or torch

Fully adjustable for S, M or L size dogs

Weight: Chest section: 300g

Leg Section : 230g

SAR Harnesses

SAR Dog Harness