SAR Fixed Twin Rope Lanyard

01 Overview

SAR Fixed Twin Rope lanyard

The SAR Fixed Twin Rope Lanyard conforms to EN813 and cannot be made longer than 1.5m, including connectors. The lanyard is supplied with no detachable connectors conforming to meet the standard.

The lanyard is fitted with a large aluminium ring so that the connectors can be clipped back or parked in position

02 Key Features

Maximum working load 130kg

Nylon 11mm low stretch rope

Sizes 1.5m

Weight 1.7kg

Length variations available on request under 1.5m


Conforms to: EN8513:1999

Product Codes

  • 1m Lanyard: L0018100
  • 1.5m Lanyard: L0018150
  • 2m Lanyard: L0018200

Colour Choices

  • White and Red
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Red and Black
  • Black


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