SAR Harrier Chest Harness

01 Overview

SAR Harrier Chest Harness
The SAR Harrier Chest Harness and Harrier Chest Plus Harness are a new design to accompany the Harrier Sit Harness range. The Harrier chest harness is made of high grade polyester webbing and the shoulders are padded with high grade closed cell foam.

The Harrier chest harness utilises a triple action carabiner on the front to attach to the Harrier sit harness. The Harrier chest plus has a sewn in chest ascender and connects to the front of the Harrier sit harness with a maillon. Both chest harnesses can be threaded into the back of the Harrier sit harness models meaning that they can be permanently attached or replaced if damaged in anyway.

Both models of Harrier chest harness have a quick clip buckle on the shoulder to allow faster fitting or removal.

The Harrier Chest Harness must not be used on its own.

02 Key Features

Quick clip buckles on the shoulder

Rated to 150Kg

Close cell foam shoulder and back pad

High grade polyester webbing throughout

Weight: – Harrier Chest 0.65 kg

: – Harrier Chest Plus 0.8 kg

Conforms to: EN361 – when linked with any of the Harrier Sit harness range

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SAR Harrier Chest Harness