01 Overview

SAR Kite Chest Harness
The SAR Kite Chest Harness in combination with a threaded link sling has been designed to be used with any of the SAR sit harness range for added comfort and protection.

The Kite harness can be used for climbing, mountaineering, rescue, intervention and technical access.

The Kite harness has front loops for use with a Link Sling to keep the user in an upright position when connected to the sit harness to give a full body harness format conforming to EN361

The Kite van be used for connecting a chest ascender by using the 25mm front strap threaded through the top hole of the ascender and the bottom of the ascender connected to the sit harness. The chest ascender can be fitted over the Link Sling and a carabiner in the chest loops giving the Link Sling and a carabiner in the chest loops giving the ability to be used in an instant.

The Kite and Kite QC Chest Harness must not be used on its own.

02 Key Features

Fully adjustable

Wrap around cross fitting.

Interlocking shoulder buckle system

High grade polyester webbing

Supplied with Link Sling

Conforms to: EN361 only when used with a SAR sit harness and a link sling

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SAR Kite Chest Harness