01 Overview

SAR Lineman Harness

The SAR lineman harness has been designed for use by utility companies and made to be easily fitted, just like putting on a jacket.

Constructed with a full set of Quick Clip cobra buckles, the Lineman harness can be quickly fitted and removed. The front attachment point combines a Quick Clip cobra buckle with the D attachment point.

The Lineman Harness incorporates 5 attachment points - 1 front sternal ,and 1 rear dorsal for fall arrest, 2 side D's for work positioning and 1 waist attachment point for abseiling and belaying.

The Lineman features 1 small and 2 large gear loops, in addition to 3 equipment rings. The back, waist and leg pads are made using high grade closed cell foam to give the maximum comfort when in use.

02 Key Features

Rated to 150Kg

One front sternal attachment point and one front waist attachment point

One rear dorsal attachment point

Two side D work positioning attachment points

One small, two large gear loops and three equipment rings

Two lanyard parking loops

Quick clip buckles throughout fully adjustable legs, waist, shoulder and back straps.

High grade polyester webbing

Reflective labels with simple clear access label

Weight 1.3Kg

Size: standard. fits small medium and large

Conforms to: EN361, EN358 & EN813


Small / Medium Lineman:

Waist: 86cm – 137 cm

Legs: 47cm – 61 cm

Weight 1.85 kg

Large Lineman:

Waist: 95cm – 147 cm

Legs: 47cm – 71 cm

Weight 2.0 kg

SAR Harnesses

SAR Lineman Harness